Testimonials for Lily Yu


“Lily Yu is a consummate professional: educated, honest, effective. All my dealings with her have been worthwhile and pleasant experiences.”

~ Jonathan Greenberg,
Vice President, Senior Specialist in Valuations,  Sotheby’s, New York

“With Lily’s knowledge, dedication and conscientiousness you couldn’t ask for more for your art collection! Agent Art is just the best!”

Anne Martin,
Sugar Press, Los Angeles

“As a fellow professional in the art business, every job that Lily has been involved with has been organized and well thought-out, always resulting in satisfaction for the client.”

~ Bill Gallagher
Operations Manager Display Services and Fine Art Storage, Orange County, CA


“In my professional relationship with [Lily], she was superb in every way. This was the first time I had ever hired an appraiser and I am so glad I hired, Lily. I learned so much about art, my artowrk, the artist, artwork conservation and of course the apprasasial value of my paintng. 

I most certainly give Lily my highest recommendation!”

Private Collector, Santa Cruz, CA

“Lily Yu is the most knowledgeable person I have ever met in the art field. Her passion and integrity are simply unmatched. I enjoy working with her and would never purchase a piece of art without consulting with Lily. I simply cannot say enough good things about her. She would be an asset to any organization.”

~ J.S.
Private Collector, Laguna Beach, CA

“Lily Yu is a professional’s professional. When appraising several art pieces for my family, not only did she give current value, but she explained the history of the various styles, the specific pieces, the artists execution and skill levels, how she determined authenticity, and how she came about her appraised values. Her skills and expertise were truly extraordinary. It was an education for me and a great service for my family. I highly recommend her services if you’d like to understand your pieces on a personal level and their place in the art world at large.”

~ Kyle K.
Collector, Monterey, CA

“Lily Yu is an artist and a professional,  who has the ability to navigate you through the art world making artistic buying decisions that are right for your needs.  Lily has a wealth of knowledge of many artists and their work .  I highly recommend Lily when selecting your art.”

~ The Hart Collection
Beverly Hills, CA

“I trust Lily Yu with our art portfolio, appraising, replacing, re arranging, and eliminating. For example I have tried for years with  no satisfaction to have a artwork authenticated. She went the extra mile with an interesting  case….  And her fees are certainly reasonable to put to rest  a 35 year art mystery. Top marks!”

~ Terry & Kay Sullivan
Private Collector, Carmel, CA

“Lily Yu is a treasure. She has not only helped us find some incredible art,  but she has taught us a great deal about art and collecting.  We would never make a major investment without Lily!”

~ Julia & Tim
Private Collector, Laguna Beach, CA


“Lily helped the Monterey Symphony with a very unique piece that was donated to us. She was efficient, easy to communicate with and motivated to get the job done. She would be our first call again!”

~ Nicola Samra Executive Director,
Monterey Symphony

“Lily has a great eye for art, a thoughtful way of selecting just the right pieces for different types of events and guests, and has always provided exceptional customer service to my contributors””I am filled with appreciation for the thousands of dollars Lily has helped me raise for the worthy causes I’ve been involved with.”

~ Allyn Cioban,
Director of Development for the Saban Community Clinic


“Lily’s infectious enthusiasm, expertise and professionalism makes her an ideal appraiser. Her personal outreach, understanding of what a collection means for the collector beyond monetary value, and tireless investigative work is unmatched. I hired Lily to prepare an appraisal and give expert trial testimony. Her meticulously researched report gave detailed valuations for each piece that has also proved exceedingly helpful for insurance purposes and ensures future generations will understand the rich history associated with each piece and artist. She was highly engaged with a combination of enthusiasm for the works of art, deep level of expertise with the subject matter and heartfelt desire to meet the needs of the client. She always responded promptly and courteously to even the most naive of questions and confidently navigated the often intimidating world of museum curators, gallery owners and artists to deliver an excellent report. Please consider her should you need a certified appraisal for any reason, such as insurance valuations, estate or divorce settlements, and charitable donations. I recommend Lily without any hesitation.”

~ Brian Turlington
Attorney at Law, Monterey CA

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