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Artist Paul Seftel
Living across the US for the last 25 years – Artist Paul Seftel is originally from London has been living and working on the California coast in Monterey County for 3 years, Paul was in NYC for nearly a decade, creating, exhibiting and running studios and project spaces in Brooklyn and Manhattan. Paul also spent many years living in Colorado, in both Denver and Vail. He did some time in LA and in New Mexico too, after studying Art at school in London and University in Edinburgh, Scotland.
Inspired from his migrations across the world through cities and suburbs, to deserts, mountains, islands, and coast, his works are a journey and map of experience. Primarily working wth light, color and texture in painting, Seftel has also created many custom interiors, written a couple of books, and worked with film /video art and production. His original works are in private collections of world renowned musicians, fashion industry leads, real estate moguls, lawyers, tech entrepreneurs and financial investment experts.
Seftel creates his own paint mixtures with stone and metal minerals and raw pigments. Transformative blue green and turquoise hues are achieved with oxidation of copper pigment, iron oxides and rusts, and limestone mixed with ingredients like marble dust, mica, quartz and polymer are used to create cured stone and metal painted surfaces. These formulas go back the origin of fresco and painting, from the pyramids in Egypt to ancient Rome, these traditional methods are combined with modern materials and organic abstract painting techniques to create archival works of art. Going much deeper than surface though, the works are intended to evoke memories of dreams, emotions and spiritual experience within the viewer.
Capturing our changing landscape of time and consciousness, seeing close up and at a great distance offers a new perspective. Stories of our world are buried within these mineral paintings. The works tell unspoken tales of the heart, the human journey and our relationship to the forces of nature that have carved and forged our world. The works capture the essence of the artist’s intrigue and study of ancient civilizations, spiritual ceremony, native mythology and prophecy, along with observation of environmental changes, mineral mining, oceans rising, space exploration, fuse together the ancient past, present and future in a language of color and texture.
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