The humblest materials combined with imagination can make the most extraordinary things. This artist, Jake Fried, uses ink and liquid paper to make a  portrait that moves you wondrously through the landscape of his mind. No mistake here, white-out has a whole new meaning.

1,440 Portraits Emerge from a Single Ink Drawing in a New Animation

Happy 2019 to all ! The Wall Street Journal reports the highest return on investment was in art for 2018.

This good news for collectors and those wanting to collect. Including financial benefits, your collection offers pleasure aesthetically, intellectually and personally. I look forward to a new year of art discovery and learning with you !

Wall Street Journal , January 3, 2019

The Best Investments of 2018? Art, Wine and Cars
Luxury assets have outperformed stocks and bonds this year

“People are looking for a place for their cash, and the security of holding something physical is appealing,” said Anthony Maxwell, director at Liv-ex, the London-based wine exchange. “They are looking outside securities, and gold is not what it used to be.”

Investors who put money into art at the beginning of the year saw an average gain of 10.6% by the end of November, according to Art Market Research’s Art 100 Index, the closest thing the industry has to a benchmark.

"Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures)"

Portrait of An Artist (Pool with Two Figures), by David Hockney sold for $90.3 million, setting the world’s record for most expensive painting sold at auction by a living artist in November 2018.

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