For July 2022, Lily Yu of Agent Art curated five artworks in five different medium categories, creating the collection Found Inspiration.

“Found Inspiration”

Thank you to bG Gallery for the opportunity to curate this show.

Each of the artists here combine imagination with the humblest materials to make the most extraordinary works. They embrace the serendipity and humor in life to create something unexpectedly beautiful out of the easily over-looked bits of ephemeral daily life: scraps of paper, wire, seeds and wood . These wonderful found art objects make us reexamine what could be perceived as mundane at first glance, and remind us there is always more to see if we allow ourselves to see it. I hope these five artworks delight and inspire you!

– Lily Yu

Wood, Japanese paper, milk paint, natural pigments, seed pods. Hand signed. 12 x 12 or 6 x 6 x 6 or other permutations.

Sono Kuwayama

Untitled (2022)

For me, this piece is about the seen and the unseen. Four miniature boxes, the size of your palm, can be opened and closed, like books, stacked and re-arranged in endless configurations. The interiors have a hidden image when assembled together – a circle made of rice paper burned from found bits of funeral incense, and in one box, a hidden cache of seed pods. Birth and death are infinitely connected. Even the pink paint, made by Sono from milk and natural dyes, suggest “Spring” and the eternal cycle of life.

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Ink, paper, plexiglass Hand signed and numbered 46/50. 11.75 x 15.75 in. – framed.

Jordi Alcaraz

Dues Gotes (Two Drops) (2004)

Jordi incomparably creates poetry from the simplest of materials. In this work, a drop of ink forms a vessel, a world upon itself, like the drop of “water” made from the melting of the artwork’s own plexiglass frame. The two drops are microcosms, mirrors of larger worlds, metaphors for universal relationships. As always with Jordi, also look to his fine craft for more visual surprises.

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Weaving shuttle and cast bronze. Signed on the base. 16 x 12 x 7 in.

Hadiya Finley

Afloat (2017)

Hadiya has a way of making achingly beautiful statements through her work. I find strength in this delicate figure of a woman made of cast bronze. Like her, we have the power to “paddle” ourselves anywhere we want to go. The boat, made from a found antique weaving shuttle, weaves back and forth, as if forming the “fabric” of a life, leaving the design up to the one rowing the boat.

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Wire, paint, wood. Hand signed. 19 1/2 x 43 1/2 in. – framed.

Jim Barrett


Jim’s art always contains gems of wisdom. In a statement about “Tethered” he said, “It’s prudent to recognize one’s limitations. But it’s the kiss of death the moment you take them seriously.” This work is one of a series made from the twisted rusty bits of wire he would find on his long walks along the abandoned railroad tracks near his LA studio. The wires are for the most part unadulterated, presented just as he found them, but now arranged in a narrative that reflects his own personal story, and speaks truths about the human experience. With these wire drawings, Jim bequeaths us the gift of a glance through his artist’s eyes.

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Antique wood drawers, discarded books, mixed media. 5 x 7 1/2 x 3 in. each, various configurations. 

Temple Sisters

Tomes #1 and #4 (2020-2022)

Holly and Ashlee Temple are sisters who work in collaboration as creative partners making collages and assemblages. In this new series of “Tomes”, discarded books full of forgotten memories and words are salvaged, torn apart, reformed and made precious again, like the re-telling of a history. I see this “set” as a conversation, one that never ends.

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