A Talk at the Monterey Museum of Art,
February 20, 2019 | 5 – 7 pm 

Carmel art advisor Lily Yu will present a talk on “How to Spot a Fake” at the Monterey Museum of Art on Thursday February 20  from 5-7pm.  Lily, who is also a certified art appraiser will discuss current examples, including some high profile cases of art that turned out to be fake, and some assumed fakes that turned out to be the genuine article. Using real life examples of collectible art, Lily will demonstrate the steps she takes to determine whether an artwork is genuine or a copy, and participants will leave with a better understanding of what should raise red flags when considering purchasing art, and when to call in an expert to evaluate the legitimacy of art that is owned, donated or inherited. Wine will be served and after the talk,  the museum will remain open so art sleuths can practice their new found skills. 

Lily Yu, certified art appraiser, advisor and curator,  offers over 20 years experience working in the fine art world. As owner of AGENT ART she is a highly sought-after advisor to private collectors, institutions and corporate clientele. As a former artist, gallery owner, gallery director, dealer, curator and educator, Lily Yu is the collector’s crucial key to wise buying, selling, and collecting fine art. Known for building strategic and highly personalized legacy collections, her keen eye, passion and concierge-level of personal service set her above other advisors. As a certified appraiser, specialized appraisal valuations are available for 20th Century Art, Contemporary Art, and Photography. All appraisals conform to USPAP, Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, and may be used for the purpose of pricing, charitable donation, estate planning, bankruptcy, insurance or division of assets. Located in Carmel, CA , evaluations are available worldwide. Lily Yu is a member of the IFAA, and is the official art advisor to The Monterey Symphony.

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