The Art of Collecting Art

The Art of Collecting Art


A Talk at the Monterey Museum of Art,
October 2018 

Your personal art collection is a way of connecting to your essence. It is a manifestation of who you are, what is important to you, your ideas and how you perceive the world. It is your living legacy. It is your story.

Use these Keys to open the door to the world of art collecting and start your journey of self discovery and learning.


1.) Only buy what you love-This is the golden rule. Be passionate about what you buy.

2.) Don’t buy art to impress other people only – Prestige is a valid motivation , but don’t let it be the only one. If the art loses value, there is nothing.

3.) Buy original art. If not original, buy limited editions – The point here is to acquire rarity. The more rare, the more value.

4.) Buy the best you can afford – Focus on quality. Quality means the artist demonstrates a mastery of the medium. Beware, high price does not mean high quality.

5.) Don’t buy (wait) – Learn as much as you can before you purchase – look, listen, ask questions.

6.) Curate – Be selective. Build a frame for your collection, based on artist, theme, media, period, etc. for intellectual and visual linkage.

7.) Take a long term approach – Collecting is a life-long pursuit. Don’t narrow your search to one specific piece at a time. Be open and ready for possibilities and opportunities anytime.

8.) When you find what you want, check other sources before you purchase – Price is but one factor. Consider also the reputability of the source, condition, location and relationship.

9.) After you purchase…. enjoy it and don’t rush to buy the next one – Celebrate, be fully present in the moment and acknowledge your good decisions and investment in your emotional and creative self.


10.) Live a little– Sometimes you just have to have something- If so, forget rules #1-9. You may be growing or changing directions. Take note. Art is a gift to yourself – give yourself the gift of art or to someone else!

If you would like more information or help with any or all these keys, my services are available. Please contact me here

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